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A reflection...and a new beginning

The longer I farm, the more I realize that farming is a magical experience. It requires a great deal of faith in the soil, in the seasons, in the seeds, and in ourselves.

Seedlings, basil, flats
Baby Basil, April 2020 photo by NP

We are not so much producers as caretakers. The weather does what it wants, the plants respond accordingly, the equipment either agrees with us or it doesn't, and we do what we can to make everything go smoothly. It is an awesome and humbling experience.

I wrote these words 15 years ago, maybe more, and they are still true. I am so grateful for every turn that keeps me coming back to growing food and feeding my community. During these uncertain times it feels more critical than ever to nourish our community, both with food and connection to the Earth. So it's official. Boistfort Valley Farm is launching a Summer CSA.

Our model will be a little different this year than in seasons past. We will provide freshly harvested fruit and produce from our farm AND other northwest farms. Our goal is to help farmers (ourselves included!) keep doing what they love in a sustainable way.

This subscription season is truly community supported agriculture. Our farm and other northwest farms will directly supply you with fresh food for the season, and our farm's livelihood directly depends on your participation. Know that you are a part of something greater. That we are a CommUnity. We're all in.

What's Next?

Sign ups for the Summer CSA open this week. We will begin with a limited distribution area to make sure that we are working in a sustainable way for ourselves, and doing an amazing job for you. Please sign up early to reserve your spot (and get a discount for prepayment in full!). We can't wait to feed you!

with Gratitude, heidi

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