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Announcement: 2022 Summer Shares

March 31, 2022

Spring Greetings from the farm! I keep putting off writing to you, thinking that I will find a way to make a different plan for this year, but I think it's time to make an announcement...

It’s with very mixed feelings that I share that I will not be offering Summer shares this season. Although it’s my favorite thing to do, with our small scale it’s incredibly difficult to keep our farm financially viable. Mike and I both work “real” jobs to keep the farm rolling, and after the last two years I’m just worn out. We still have berries galore (in fact, we may have a few blueberries this year!), and I’ll be focusing my energy on those, sweet corn, my day job, and maybe even my family on occasion 😊.

I am so incredibly grateful for all of you, and I hope that you have enjoyed the produce as much as I have enjoyed providing it for you.

Please know that this doesn't mean the forever end of shares! I will keep reassessing and see if I can make this work for us again in future seasons.

With love and gratitude, Heidi Boistfort Valley Farm, Inc.

PO Box 130 Curtis, WA 98538 360.880.1584

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